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the sick woman lay were adorned with rude religious pictures, with an earthenware crucifix, which


had attached to it a receptacle for holy water. Mrs. Wright shook her head sadly as she examined


the poor woman, and said: "I fear, Paul, that it has gone too far." The poor old man fell on his

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knees, made the sign of the cross, and gave way to a paroxysm of tears. "Ma bonne Katrin

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e!" he cried; "Ma bonne Katrine! Ah! Sainte

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Vierge—no preese—no messe—ma pauvre femme

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—ma pauvre femme." "Paul," said Mrs. Wright, "though you have no priest and no church yo

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u are not shut out from the Great High Priest—the Lord Himself. Pour out your sorrows to

Neil Armstrong / 1st man walk on the moon

Him and He will hear and comfort you and save Katrine." The old man kissed her hand as she took leave of him, and assisted her to mount her impatient pony, w

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hich needed no urging to hasten home, for darkness had come on, and she was alone in the f

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orest. They were not l

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ong in covering the di

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stance to the Wigwam,

Afnizar Nur Ghifari

where the children wer

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e anxiousl

y awaiting her r

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